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Tom Topazz
Tom Topazz

Tom Topazz is a Musician, Composer, and Producer. He lives in Nagoya, Japan.

Tom was born in Berlin, Germany.

Tom Topazz’ main music instruments are keys and percussion.

Tom creates primarily electronic music in a variety of styles between ambient, lounge, dance and rock.

♫ Discography (own releases as TOPAZZ and Tom Topazz, excerpt)

-1998 The New Millenium (EU/USA/Australia Club Top 10)
-1999 Party 4 Everybody (EU Club Top 10)
-2003 I’m Still Alive (EU/USA/Australia Club Top 10)
-2008 Behind The Wheel (vocals Dave Gahan) (EU Lounge Top 10)
-2010 Bubbly
-2010 Fight For This Love
-2011 Derriere l’Amour (EU Lounge Top 10)
-2013 Corcovado ( (EU Lounge Top 10))
-2014 I Want to Know What Love Is
-2014 Somebody That I Used to Know
-2016 Nagoya (EU Lounge Top 10)
-2017 Games Deluxe (A-version)
-2017 I Need To Know
-2017 A Dream Within a Dream 2017
-2018 Nagoya (Tunnel of Lights Edit) (EU Lounge Top 10)